Lasting-Love Readiness Assessment

Still wondering if you are ready for lasting love?

Dreaming to meet your soulmate but you don't know if you are ready to embark on a deeper, committed relationship?

Is your vibration high enough for attracting fast Mr Right or do you need more inner work?

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Lasting Love Readiness Assessment is the test you need to complete before:

  •   Taking any decision to start dating or to initiate a new love relationship
  • Buying any love book or watching webinars for fixing your love life
  • Investing in any online info product or coaching program for attracting your soulmate
  • Testing all kinds of therapies, readings, energy healing sessions for achieving your love goal

The result will reveal your level of readiness for attracting the right man and lasting love.

And finally, it will help you eliminate your deepest anxiety caused by the most frightening questions:

"I meant to be alone?"

"I will waste this life?"

" I will end up in a compromised relationship?"


"The test is very easy to take and let you concentrate on your real inner self. It is quick and the questions are based on different aspects that everyone needs to confront every day in the present moment or in the past to build the wanted future. The assessment is well presented, structured and gives a clear path to follow depending on the achieved level."

Sabrina Albanese ~ Engineer

"The Lasting Love Readiness Assessment is a fun, structured and engaging way to place a light on the strengths and the aspects that need more attention and work upon. The results are measurable and a concrete, clear, step-by-step plan, designed for lasting change is reflected in the presentation."

Adina Cotuna ~ Engineer

"Everything was very clear and easy to understand. Very easy and quick to do. Great explanations of questions if misunderstood. Nice clear and friendly video / presentation at the end. With a clear path for progression."

Donna Quinlivan ~ Accountant

"Is a very good and quick assessment for single ladies that are in the process to attract their soulmate and the presentation gives an overview of their readiness level and what steps to take. The solution is clear and easy to follow - a system that brings results. I didn't see anything similar on the market."

Lilia Birta ~ Mind-Body Trainer

"The assessment is clear. It was an eye-opener for me. A very intense work, an intelligence test and a wonderful way to assess where people stand in their love lives."

Pascale Dorand ~ Accountant & Real Estate Agent


Hi! I’m Simona Anghel – an established relationship coach who has helped over 300 women find long-lasting love – without sacrificing who they were or wanted to achieve.

Believe it or not, I actually started my career as an engineer, but when certain life events pushed me to connect with my intuition, I was amazed to see that I was starting to attract everything I had always wanted – an amazing love-filled relationship, a rewarding job and an overall contentment with who I was.

And thus, my baby – Bloom Your Love Life – was born, helping hundreds of wilting flowers shed their dying petals and burst into colourful blossom.

Simona Anghel

Your Lasting Love Readiness Assessment

There’s no better time to create clarity about your love life than now!

Will your next relationship be built on sand or concrete? 

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