Soulmate Dating Blueprint

A powerful Step by Step workshop to help you date with dignity and meet your Soulmate

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"Yesterday I finished my 3-month program (that, of course, I decided to prolong with a subscription to all Q&A) and I feel like sharing with all of you the great progress this experience brought into my life.
Three months ago I was so lost, so confused about almost everything: my emotions, what I really wanted from a relation, from a man, from myself being in a relationship. I felt scared, confused, I felt I had to profoundly heal myself and feel "enough".

During these three months, clarity grew bigger and bigger, self-confidence followed, self-esteem replaced fears and uncertainty.
It was not miraculous, I went through tough times. On top of those, the relation I started during these three months failed, but I was super quick to recover from it thanks to Simona's words and advice. She really enlightened me.

Now I have just started a new relationship and I feel confident: about the man who is next to me but most of all about myself.

Of course, I am still learning, that's why I will continue to be with you in the Q&A and I am happy that whenever I feel off track, this awesome program developed by this awesome lady will be right there to keep focused. Thanks, Simona Anghel"

- Elena Cellai, Project Manager

"When I decided to access Simona’s program, I wouldn’t have thought my life would change so spectacular, but I was just curious about what I would learn about myself. And she gave me the information which gave me another boost and changed my perspective.

After two years and a half I wanted someone and I could not open up to another man and I could not conceive that there was someone else in this universe above him, my attachment disappeared and a fabulous thing happened then (I had somehow hoped that Simona would find a something about relations that will be shattered and I will be with him … but there was nothing:))) … and of course, I was a little bit sad at first).

Two weeks after the reading, the things happened so that I found out something that finally and utterly freed me from that unparalleled love, remaining only with what was wonderful and good and with all the lessons I received, and though not I proposed and did not think it could happen again, and in no case so fast … I discovered a sensational person with whom things are perfect, as it should be, with which I feel completely aligned with my soul I am currently connected with whom I feel fully loved and who receives my love with pleasure and joy. It still seems to me not true … although fortunately, it is and I am very grateful for these things ?! Merci, dear Simona!"

- Eugenia Haloiu, Project Manager